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The Synanthrope Preserve

The Synanthrope Preserve is a collection of immersive audio experiences throughout New York City. Urban nature is a habitat for many synanthropic animals that live and thrive close to humans, such as pigeons, raccoons and rats. Discover the overlooked natural world around you.

raccoons headphones tour


The Blue Pigeon

Explore the world of the Rock Pigeon in Washington Square Park. Pigeons are everywhere in the city, but have you ever really stopped to look at one? Learn about their lives, habitat, and history in this tour.

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The Washing Bear

Head out for a night stroll in Central Park. Consider your relationship with the natural world and the animals in it. While you’re there, observe the urban raccoon population and how they live their lives in the city.

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The First To Cross

Challenge your preconceptions about rats. Learn more about their history in New York, how they have changed to adapt to the urban jungle, and how our habits drive theirs.

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